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    One Molins

    One global brand providing local, integrated, high speed processing,
    packaging and instrumentation solutions to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and
    food & beverage market sectors.

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    Creating and enabling new ideas that will give you a competitive advantage and keep you at the forefront of your markets.

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    Provider of high speed processing and packing technologies that drive your business performance and long-term value.

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    Supplying analysis and quality control solutions for compliance with your industry regulations and standards.

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    Providing lifetime service and sustaining excellence wherever you are in the world, quickly and efficiently.

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    Creating competitive advantage by collaborating as one with you.

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Food & Beverage



Food and beverage

To meet your diverse and specialised demands, Molins offers a first of a kind service for novel dosing and packaging. Process assurance via standard and custom test equipment is available.

Supporting healthcare industries as diverse as contact lenses, facial tissues, and dentifrice. Molins supplies innovative first of a kind machinery as well as standard packing and testing equipment. 

Providing innovative solutions for secondary and end-of-line packaging. Cartoning and case packing of bags, stick packs, pouches, flow wrapped products, bottles and more to your requirements.



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